HR Outsourcing

Over the past few years, HR outsourcing has become a dependable way for organisations to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on core business operations. With our diverse experience into HR services outsourcing, Human Connections have in place the necessary processes, HR consultants, knowledge, technology, and best practices to support you in all aspects of human resources and employment administration.

Our HR solutions are designed to provide Organizations / Institues with a single resource which is dedicated to managing and supporting all HR and employment processes, thus allowing them to focus on the key business areas.


Human Connections offers full-time, temporary, as well as part-time staffing solutions to clients. Our services cover all aspects of recruitment, beginning with sourcing and hiring to the induction of staff. We get you the right talent for all designations at all levels, from entry level trainees to executive personnel.

Contract Staffing & RPO

Contract staffing or staff augmentation is an intelligent option for those seeking to meet their immediate needs for specialized personnel. Contract staffing is a temporary staffing solution in which clients hireskilled workforce on our payroll for a limited period of time. Clients opt for contract staffing if their demand cycles vary or if they wish to augment their core-competencies for a short period of time.

Recruiting involves a significant cost for organisations. But with ingenious recruitment solutions such as what is offered in RPO, clients can bring down the cost of recruiting the right talent for their staffing requirements.

Recruitment process outsourcing involves an employer transferring all or part of their recruitment processes to an external provider like Human Connections. We will then manage the entire gamut of recruiting and hiring, or just the chosen processes as you desire. Essentially, we serve as an extension of your own human resources department within the organisation / institution.

The RPO services comprises:

  • Research of candidates
  • Tracking compliance
  • Training hiring managers
  • Audits and reporting
  • Consulting on technology
  • Process mapping

Policies Development

Through our HR policy development services, we help clients develop and streamline the HR policies of their firms / Institutes. These include hiring, disciplinary conduct, firing, workplace violence, and other such matters. We consult clients throughout the process of policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Implementation of Policies will in turn set up the culture required in the Organization / Institute. The Culture will help to bind the employees with the future vision and to achieve the target goals.

Training & Development

Human Connections offers specialized HR improvement interventions to assist clients in optimizing the productivity of their workforce. We implement HR strategies that align your workforce with your business objectives. Our training programmes and assessments are designed after understanding the value system, short term and long term goals of our clients’ businesses.

Performance Management System

Human Connections helps clients get the best out of their employees by implementing a robust, well-designed performance management system. In doing so, businesses benefit through improved employee productivity, freeing up more time for managements to work towards the strategic goals of the company.

Employee Grievances Management

Employee grievance management services of Human Connections include disciplinary and grievance investigations and consulting. We help clients deal with grievance complaints, manage associated legal processes and documentation, in addition to providing guidance on grievance solutions.

Employee Engagement

Ensuring engaged employees ensures the success of a company. This is because engaged employees promote positive customer experiences that in turn result in better financial outcomes and a loyal customer base. Human Connections helps companies ensure employee engagement by managing disparities between the individual needs of their employees through better stress management, analysis of policy shortcomings, promotion of work-life balance among employees, and streamlining individual objectives with that of the company’s.

Payroll Management

For companies / institutes, the creation of a separate payroll management team may not be feasible. By HR outsourcing their payroll management is reviewed by us, clients benefit through ontime precise payroll release and statutory compliance.

Leave Management

By outsourcing their leave management needs, companies can simplify their leave tracking process. We help companies track all kinds of employee leaves easily, update managers on leave associated notifications and tasks, and analyze leave statistics of the company.

HR Statutory Compliances

Human Connections helps clients ensure compliance with statutory regulations such as labor laws. We assist in the maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections, etc. and offer companies advisory services on statutory compliances and associated tasks.