By the term “Work life balance” we mean the balance that an individual needs to maintain between the time allocated for work & other aspects of life. In a common parlance “Work life balance” concept allows an employee to maintain a firm balance in the time he or she gives to work as well as to personal matters. Maintaining work life balance is very important not only from the individual’s… Read More »IMPORTANCE OF WORK LIFE BALANCE


INTRODUCTION Human resource outsourcing is a process in which the human resource activities of an organization are outsourced so as to bring out the best of the organization’s core competencies. Stating in simple words “Human Resource Outsourcing” occurs when a business instructs an external supplier to take responsibility for HR functions and perform these tasks for their business and uplift the brand image along with productivity. Often HR functions are… Read More »IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCE OUTSOURCING

Employee Life Cycle (ELC)

The model known as the employee life cycle (ELC), is a fantastic way to visualisation of your employee’ and how they engage with you. There are six stages of employee engagement. As we know well Employee Life cycle (ELC) model, there are six stages of engagement an organisation has with an employee. These six stages can be illustrate and perpetual life cycle. Six Stages are Organization Strategy & Attraction Recruitment… Read More »Employee Life Cycle (ELC)


Leaders help people turn on their internal lights and allow their skills and abilities to shine brightly Capability Capability always aspires us to stretch the limits of our potential and inspire those around us to do the same. We practice accountability with ourself as well as those around us. We feel comfortable oscillating between collaborating and competing, being confident and humble, and knowing when to keep control and when to… Read More »7 C’S OF LEADERSHIP

HR Trends for 2018

1. From PTB (Please the Boss) to EI (Employee Intimacy) HR has focused too much on pleasing top management, and forgot to develop one of the other key roles. The tide is slowly turning, from PTB (please the boss) to EI (employee intimacy). Really understanding the wishes, needs and capabilities of employees is getting more important, and this employee intimacy is required to design relevant employee journeys. Renewed focus on… Read More »HR Trends for 2018