By the term “Work life balance” we mean the balance that an individual needs to maintain between the time allocated for work & other aspects of life.

In a common parlance “Work life balance” concept allows an employee to maintain a firm balance in the time he or she gives to work as well as to personal matters.

Maintaining work life balance is very important not only from the individual’s point of view but also from the organization’s point of view. Only by maintaining the balance between work and personal life will the organization be able to lower the employee’s absenteeism, increase job satisfaction and enhance job security which ultimately will result in higher productivity.

On the other hand, poor work life balance will affect employees as well as the organization as it will increase the stress level among the employees by lowering satisfaction level which in turn will lower productivity.
Human Connections Alliance is regularly helping companies to improve the balance between work and personal life by emphasizing on certain activities like providing comfortable work environment to employees, interesting engagement activities, encouraging training , providing learning sessions, Mentoring Sessions, Education sponsorship and many more.

“In the end, we can conclude that the success of an organization depends on the employees so the main motive of the organization should be employee satisfaction and helping them maintain the balance between work and personal life”. Human Connections derives interventions that can be innovative and helpful to achieve work life balance. For more information send your queries to

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